3 Parenting Tips for Early Childhood Development

By Lessons4All - March 20, 2021

Why Parental Involvement is important in Early Childhood Development

Why Parental Involvement is important in Early Childhood Development

We understand that every parent wants the best for their children and to be successful and happy. However, there will be times when parents don't know what is going on in their children's minds and why they won't listen.

Going back to the time when I was a young kid, I never understood why I needed to study even though they kept telling me that I could get better jobs and a higher salary. Looking back after I grew up, I realized that the key ingredient that was missing is purpose.

When I finally found my purpose, my vision, my priorities, things have changed. I studied better, I scored better, and I look forward to doing whatever helps me progress to achieve my goals every day.

Hence by going into the academic rat race of constant source for best English tuition in Singapore or the top tuition centre in Singapore, often the kids are wondering why for some. That is why I encourage to understand their children’s strength and weakness, so to provide proper guidance in understanding the purpose in doing such things. Because kids have changed and they were not like how we were before, In the next generation they often work better after understanding their purpose.

Encouragement & Motivation

Encouragement & Motivation

When your children find their purpose, encourage them by setting goals and giving incentives. Write down their Wishlist, before sharing with them what they need to achieve to get their wish list.

For example, get an A for a subject, in return, he/she will receive one item in their Wishlist.

Having such a system in play would cultivate positive experiences in his/her learning journey. Under the stress and competitive environment that Singapore is in, especially if kids are going into a top institution like the best tuition centre or best English tuition in Singapore are often require parent's supports to ensure long-term sustainability.

To ensure that their wish list and rewards that were given are two different things that we are encouraging, wish list and goals are somethings that they wish to have, and it would be achievable through hard work. Whereas rewards are something that is achieved from something of their behavior that was done great.

Provide Help

Provide Help

Sometimes it is not their fault that they are not doing well in school or certain subjects. There are many reasons behind it, it could be the environment in school that is very distracting. Or the teaching method in school isn't suitable for your child. There are 3 learning styles, visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning styles.

And because the school must cater to many students, it could not satisfy everyone. That is when tuition comes in. That’s where parents often find the best tuition centre in Singapore to solve such issues. However Finding the best English tuition centre doesn’t mean it would solve the problem that our kids are facing, as more often by finding for tuition centre are mostly looking to ensure that tutor suits our kids and also our kids can absorb from the tutor teaching methodology. This is only possible if we all have a deeper level of understanding that tuition tutors are here to provide the best help we need and not to be a second school where to cater for everyone that’s why it is generic.


In summary, find and understand your children's purpose, understand their strengths and weaknesses, set goals and incentives to keep them motivated, and lastly, provide help on their weak subjects so to ensure the right support is given be it academically or emotionally.

Having your kids be involved and scoring well in school is important and constantly looking for the best English tuition in Singapore or any tuition centre in Singapore is critical too so could ensure your child is set in his/her learning journey by the professionals. However as under such prestigious guidance they would be in a very competitive environment, hence do remember to introduce balance and constant support to our kids and striking a balance between learning and play to ensure a positive experience in their upbringing journey.

Alternatively knowing all your options is also critical in helping your kid’s learning journey. At Lessons4All We have to write a blog on learning options “Why Play is Important”. Do check them out Here. We hope this would help you to understand the key attributes that may potentially be impacting your learning journey.

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