3 tips on how to increase kids attention span [Part 2]

By Lessons4All - April 03, 2021

Having trouble helping your children to stay focus on things that they were or going to do? We understand as often in our technological world we are easily distracted by the environment we are in. However, this is part 2 of our blog that we showcase various tips to help on improving kids attention span and focus in any environment setting that they are in, If you have yet read our part 1 do click Here to check them out.

Conducting an Orchestra

Conducting an Orchestra

Every child uses a musical instrument (real or improvised) and the “orchestra leader” uses a conducting baton. When the baton is up and waving, the children play their instruments. When the conductor puts the baton down, the children stop.

Increase the complexity and attention required by having children play their instruments quickly when the baton moves quickly and slowly when the baton moves slowly. Try the opposite cues too.

Doing one thing at a time

Doing one thing at a time

Most of the time parents and kids are filled or overwhelmed with things that they are doing in life or expose to. as for Some will find difficulties in completing or getting things done in time or more often than not they will be in a constant rush in things that they will be doing. Under such an environment it is pivotal that kids should learn to solve one thing at a time, for example being in a prestigious centre of best English tuition in Singapore or other enrichment centre in Singapore or small enrichment class group, kids will be overwhelmed with the things that they will be doing in a period hence they must learn how to solve each aspect at a time. Such as giving a break after school and head over to an enrichment class group where for some isn’t academic focus which allows children to have a break, or during the weekend then introduce the best English tuition in Singapore activity rather than a full day study during the weekday after school. Coping one thing at a time requires good time management where it can be done with the help of parents.

Celebrate each small milestone

Celebrate each small milestone

After allocating one thing to ensure each activity is solving one at a time, we must too celebrate each small milestone to ensure continuity. Hence to do so, such goals must be breaking down from a big task to smaller and manageable pieces hence this way it would be sustainable while maintaining high morale. For example, going towards an enrichment class exam or best English tuition in Singapore often creates tests or exams. Looking under such a lens would increase the positivity of such a program that was associated with, hence it would increase its productivity and focus in class so to ensure each small milestone was done with a celebration of reward at the end.

In the end, knowing what works and what do not.

To improve, we must understand what works and what does not. No or yes?

All these activities we suggested, may work for many while it might not work for the rest.

What is important is writing down what works and what does not work, so that you can refer to and understand what are the common things that work and progress from there.  

Now that you have discovered a list of things that work, you can focus on that to help them improve. Don't be afraid to try new ways or methods to help them improve, record them down too.

In summary

Lastly, children’s life isn't just surrounded by academics of constant lookout on finding the best English tuition in Singapore or any tuition center in Singapore. It is pivotal to ensure your child is set in his/her personal goals. However, under the Singapore culture of recognizing certificates, it is understandable that some kids should be academically focused under such a competitive environment, hence do remember to introduce balance to allow play as play is an important factor in their upbringing journey. Alternatively knowing all your options is also critical in helping our kid’s learning journey. At Lessons4All too wrote a blog on learning options “When should we start tuition education in Singapore for my child”. Do check them out Here. We hope this would help you to understand the key attributes that may potentially be impacting your learning journey.

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