Top 5 English Tuition In Singapore

By Lessons4All - December 08, 2020

Education In Singapore

Education In Singapore

In Singapore, receiving a formal education is a big part of every Singaporean’s life. With major exams such as the Primary School Leaving Education, or better known as the PSLE, and also N & O Levels exams before graduating from Secondary School. These major exams are life-changing exams that will determine the path You will be taking over the next few years as you progress through your education journey.

Inevitably, undergoing such major exams during the ages of 12 and 16/17 years old can be extremely stressful. It is also known to be extremely for parents too as they worry about the child’s wellbeing and more importantly, his/her future.

As Singapore is located in Asia, the local culture here in Singapore tends to put big importance in terms of education, qualifications, jobs, and statuses. So, in turn, parents have been pouring money into the education of their children, in hope that these children will be successful in the coming future.

This resulted in a huge market for tuition in Singapore, at a reported $1.4 Billion Singapore Dollars industry as of 2020. This is a very big industry when the population of Singapore is only shy of 6 Million residents.

Top 5 English Tuition In Singapore

With multiple ways of searching for the best tuition center, there can be many factors that one might have to consider before making the final choice. But honestly, the most stressful part of making any decisions is that Your child’s grades will be at stake. Some parents will then seek tuition agency in Singapore for the recommendation. Also, parents might discuss among themselves their recent experiences with tuition centers in Singapore. While these are some of the ways to ensure that You get the best out of each class, they are not the only way to sign up for classes! At Lessons4All, you can find the best tuition centers in Singapore with crucial information such as location, schedule, prices, and read reviews from past students.

With this, Lessons4All have collated the top 5 English tuition in Singapore that we think is worth mentioning! These tuition centers can be found on our platform! Feel free to look through them and book your best English tuition in Singapore today!

Top 5 English Tuition

Top 5 English Tuition

  1. Mavis Tutorial Centre


    Mavis Tutorial Centre is widely known among parents seeking a reputable but affordable tuition center. With 34 years of experience, this school holds a high standard for the teachers that are invited to teach here. With only full-time tutors, mostly former school teachers, they focus on innovative ways to engage their students. Syllabus-based quizzes and inspiring science experiments are among the challenging activities that aid students in getting excellent academic results.

    With that strong reputation, Mavis Tutorial Centre is open to Levels such as
    - Preparatory, Primary, Secondary, Junior College

    Also, Mavis Tutorial Centre is currently offering subjects such as
    - -English, Maths, Science, Writing, and Chinese

    With 16 locations around Singapore, You can be assured to find a center that is convenient for both you and your children.

    The team at Lessons4All has gathered some important information when signing up for a tuition lesson.

    Nursery to phonics: $165.85/month
    Kindergarten to P1 prep: $128.40/month
    Primary: $117.70 – 162.65/month
    Secondary: $165.85 – $219.35/month
    Junior College: $301.75 – $326.35/month

  2. The Learning Lab

    The Learning Lab is widely popular among parents as it is one of the most sought after tuition centers in Singapore as well. With the high demand for extra lessons for the beloved children, parents in Singapore are willing to spend money, even if that means spending a premium on quality tuition.

    With 18 Years of experience, The Learning Lab, this center boasts a unique teaching and learning model that helps students achieve th1eir personal best. They are well-loved for their curriculum which is highly relevant to the school syllabus and nurtures the curiosity to learn.

    Their track record shows that 85% of their students achieved A* across all subjects and 47% of their students achieved a T-score of 250 and above.

    Aside from the regular Nursery to Junior College Programmes, The Learning Lab also offers special programs for holiday seasons.

    DEPOSIT: $120 per subject
    N2 – K2: $370 – $382 per month (4 lessons)
    Primary 1 – Primary 4: $410 – $422 per month (4 lessons)
    Primary 5 – Primary 6: $432 – $444 per month (4 lessons)
    Secondary 1 – Secondary 4: $472 – $484 per month (4 lessons)
    JC1 – JC2: $492 – $504 per month (4 lessons)

  3. Aspire Hub

    One of the things that people love about Aspire Hub is their free 1-hour trial for new students. This gives students a chance to feel the learning environment before deciding on enrolling.

    Aspire Hub is known for its personalized approach in teaching, just like the way it is in a private tutorial. Small size classes (6 students/class) allow teachers to move around and approach each student to address the individuals’ needs. The centre focuses on personal development and enhancement of vocational skills with a holistic approach based on the syllabus to help students achieve their personal best.

    The levels that Aspire Hub is taking in consist of
    - Primary, Secondary, Junior College, International Baccalaureate & Integrated Program

    The subject that Aspire Hub is offering consist of
    - English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, History, Literature, Chinese, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Principles of Accounting, Geography, General Paper

    With 13 Education Centres around Singapore, be sure to check with the branch to see if the course is available during that particular period. Alternatively, You can check through Lessons4All website to look at the available English classes around Your area!

  4. Mind Stretcher

    Mind Stretcher has 3 major brands: Mind Stretcher for primary and secondary students, MS Junior Campus for pre-school, and Xue Hui Le for its Chinese classes.

    Throughout the 19 centres in Singapore, Mind Stretcher focuses on helping students achieve their full potential while retaining their love for learning. Mind Stretcher also has the MS e-study Buddy feature which gives parents access to the teaching materials that are based on the MOE syllabus. With this, parents can track their child’s progress from the comfort of their own home.

    Mind Stretcher’s track record shows that more than 5,000 of its students (over the last 16 years) scored at least 250 in the PSLE, the highest score being 279 in 2019. And more than 500 students had qualified for the GEP through their P1-P3 GEP Prep Lab classes.

    The levels that the Mind Stretcher Brand is taking in consist of
    - Preparatory, Primary, Secondary

    The subject that Aspire Hub is offering consist of
    - English, Maths, Science, Creative Writing, Chinese

    DEPOSIT: 1 month of course fee per subject
    Pre-Primary: $149.80/month
    Primary: $155.15 – $203.30/month
    Secondary: $219.35 – $240.75/month
    Be sure to sign up today as the slots do run out quickly!

  5. True Learning Centre

    The best feature of True Learning Centre is its 24/7 academic assistance for all students. The system is there for students to get supported whenever they need help in their school work, even in the middle of the night.

    Across the 3 centres that True Learning Centre runs, all of the tutors are all NIE-trained teachers. Many of them were the bright stars in education such as the award-winners of the President’s Award for Teachers, Outstanding Science Teacher Award, and Caring Teacher Award.

    Those senior teachers have teamed up with other tutors who were former officers of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), and MOE Senior Teachers & Heads of Departments to write True Learning Centre’s curriculum. It is tested every week and lesson plans are constantly refined to ensure that students excel academically, especially during exams.

    The levels that True Learning Centre is taking in consist of
    - Primary, Secondary, Junior College

    The subject that True Learning Centre is offering consist of
    - English, Maths, Science

    DEPOSIT: 1 month per subject
    Primary: $150 – $180/4 lessons
    Secondary: $200 – $260/4 lessons
    JC & H2: $350/4 lessons

Save On Your Next Sign Up!

Save On Your Next Sign Up!

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