How to interact and get connected with our kids Part 1

By Lessons4All - July 07, 2021

As a parent of our kids, we would likely to think that we understand our kids at the back of our head. Example on what they would love to eat, play, and type of experience adventure. But as things change of covid situation many parents stay home more often and they are interacting with kids more, some may even learn more and see a side of their kids that they are not seeing in the past. Well as our kids grow they began to see and think differently hence there will be a constant changing in the development of new preferences, emotions, thoughts, and therefore a continuous study on getting to know our children better is building bond and having a decent conversation with them.

As some parents are often busy and more than 50% of their time spent were constantly revolving around education with the kids on “have you done your homework, time to go for tuition, Exam is near” Well we have to understand that not everything involves academic that we should focus on, as the kids already have their fair share in academic-based on their best English tuition in Singapore or any other tuition centre that some parent may have arranged for them from the best of our ability. Hence we should focus on the soft skills and life skills that we should learn together with the kids.



Yes! Apart from the usual study stressful environment from the best English tuition in Singapore or enrichment class that we found for our kids, We can always learn more about our children by play in a more relaxed environment. Some play can understand our kid's way of thinking and perspective based on what was being played, example lego, Lego has been a popular trend in understanding the kids physiological status by tasking the kids to build anything that they would like and depending on their color option their shape of creation would determine their status. This is a different way of understanding our kids outside of the usual academic tuition of constant worry about how they do during their top English tuition in Singapore that we found.

New experience

By providing a new experience for the kids provides a new perspective in learning and understanding. This can be multiple types of different experiences such as volunteer work, old folks, farm stay, and many more, such experience often brings a new perspective in their upbringing. By understanding the power of giving, kindness, selfless and patience are often the critical types of emotion that we would want our children to understand.

Create a conversation that brings value

Create a conversation that brings value

Of course, in light of the current covid situation, parents are still able to get together and spend more time with their kids indoors rather than going out. More often now we as everything has been shifting to online learning for all kids enrichment class and academic tuition. Parents should also take this opportunity to understand more about their kids by just simply talking with them and having more conversation with them would provide a deeper and better understanding of what are they thinking and their current perspective in life, It could be as simple as “what should we do more of as a family” or even “if you could make a family rules, what would they be” or what do you like best about your siblings or friends” depending on how the conversation goes we can understand better how much our children has grown and what are their goals, needs and wants in their current stages of life.

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As we understand for the 1st 20 years of our kid's life are often revolve heavily around academics and study, and we will be constantly keeping a lookout in soucing the best English tuition in Singapore or any other top tuition subjects that could provide proper guidance for our child. Kids are often filled with enrichment classes and multiple subjects of tuition with the tight schedule they are often filled with loads of time doing other things rather than seating down and have a casual heart-to-heart conversation with parents other than academic.

Alternatively, if you are interested in knowing all your options available within your location in helping your kid’s learning journey. At Lessons4All we too wrote different types of blogs of kids learning journey academically and non-academical related. The past blog that wrote on learning options “When should we start tuition education in Singapore for my child”. Do check them out Here. We hope this would help you to understand the key attributes that may potentially be impacting your kids' learning journey.

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