How to teach your child not to lie

By Lessons4All - July 26, 2021

Understand the most kids will lie at some point in their early stages of life, however, this is one behavior that we would not want to encourage, yes? Well, such behavior often starts from a young and the more they repeat lying the more they will be proficient due to their years of practice. It's far better to teach the kids not to lie and instill a positive habit of honesty while they are young during their upbringing. Schools and the best English tuition in Singapore or any other enrichment class that we enroll our kids in will not be able to assist much guidance in this aspect as parents are the one who sticks with the kids for more than 12 hours straight. The kids' character depends on their ability to be transparent, honesty, and unwillingness to bend the truth as positive traits. We will be sharing some tips and tricks on how we should guide our kids on to such behavior .

Why kids lie

Yes! First, we need to understand why kids lie, by understanding their perspective or reason why lying we will be able to guide them properly from their perspective and help them from the roots of the problem rather than scolding or stressing WHY YOU CHOOSE TO LIE, DO YOU KNOW ITS WRONG”

The method above is not wrong, just that we often question if this is the best or right approach we could have used or done. Apart from their hectic schedule that our kids normally would have from all the best tuition centre in Singapore or subjects of best English tuition in Singapore that we often find for our kids to help them academically, we would also need to spend time to learn and help them from the character development area. Children often lie because they don't wish to be held accountable for their actions or they may fail their math test and don't wish to be scolded or punished. Some children lie because of certain deceptions that they wish to portray to receive it such as exam tests or coming birthday treats. Some also wish to impress others by lying about how well they are doing in their situation or life experience by comparing with others to attempt the building of self-esteem or other purposes.

These are the typical scenarios that parents would often find themselves with after kids are lying because of various reasons. Hence we have to guide them properly through their perspective and help them understand that lying won't do them any good rather will worsen the current situation they are in.

Be the Role Model

Be the Role Model

As many elders often say many kids learn through watching our behaviour, we must also often take life examples to encourage positivity. Many things are simply easy to create proper guidance in life such as did your kid really ate the vegetable that he/she dislike the most or did they threw it in the bin, or did we experience cashier providing the wrong change and we are honest enough to give them back? Such simple examples are often displayed infront of our kids and they picked up and learn from us easily without us knowing. Its critical to set a role model in life for our kids for their future up bringing and it could also enhance their learning if we could just show the value of It and why we sign kids up to those best English tuition in Singapore just for them to learn from the best possible guidance.

Honesty VS Truth.

Honesty VS Truth.

Here you might wonder, wait aint this article suppose to share about teaching kids not to lie. Yes we are here to teach them what is right and wrong. Honesty is something that is so valuable that it speaks greatly as a character in the future, while as truth is also important as both honestly and truth are often similar, however we to find the fine line of honesty and truth it depends entirely on situation and environment. For example if someone gave your kids a gift for their birthday present that they don’t like, should the kids express its dislike or should they still be kind and accepts the gift with sincerity.

Ultimately kids have to understand the basis of right and wrong and there is consequences with lying with dishonesty. Having the basic of understanding of what can be done and what not suppose to, they are able to help build their character to be better person in their future growth.

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