Importance of Education For kids at an early age

By Lessons4All - March 19, 2021

Starting Early

Starting Early

As we all know, education is essential, especially in Singapore. As most of us believe that education will help us get a better job, better salary and better future.

And that would mean starting early and young to build a strong foundation that would help them to propel faster in the future. Hence most parents are often stuck in the academic rat race and often go wild when it’s exam period. Which is also the reason why we are seeing more and more parents are looking for accredited tuition provider like Best English tuition in Singapore, or the top math tuition in Singapore and mostly are clustered within the top tuition centers in Singapore. That being said, kids are often praised that life is so much different as they can learn life skills or enrichment activities of their interest starting from as young as 2 ½ to 3 years old, such age group is mostly searching along with the best swimming enrichment classes in Singapore or self-defense enrichment classes in Singapore.


Enrichment Activities

Don't forget that studying too much could be stressful for kids. What better way to use their extra energy and reduce their stress by learning a skill or two, This may be beneficial in the future and they could also have fun in the process. Many enrichment activities are in the market such as the top swimming enrichment class in Singapore or if you are looking for something more adventurous to release the pent-up energy that kids often have, there is no better choice other than the self-defense enrichment centre in Singapore. On the example of both enrichment activities, it allows kids to get out of the house and school structured and be more hands-on in what they do while enjoying and learning at the same time. Remember that although learning can be an important segment in life, however, joy and fun is to part of life, Studies has shown that the appropriate amount of playtime would increase kid’s productivity as there is a goal to motivate them on moving forward rather than an endless amount of test paper.

Self Esteem/Self-confidence


Having your kids be involved and scoring well in school is important and constantly looking for the best English tuition in Singapore or any tuition centre in Singapore is critical too so could ensure your child is set in his/her learning journey by the professionals. However as under such prestigious guidance they would be in a very competitive environment, hence do remember to introduce balance to allow play as play is an important factor in their upbringing journey. Alternatively knowing all your options is also critical in helping your kid’s learning journey. At Lessons4All We have to write a blog on learning options “Why Play is Important”. Do check them out Here. We hope this would help you to understand the key attributes that may potentially be impacting your learning journey.

Lastly Finding the best tuition centre in Singapore is easy however, finding the best that works for you is hard. We recommend for you or your children in being cautious, patient, and yet vigilant in finding the best tuition centre in Singapore so that you could save money and time in the future. Check out To find the best maths tuition in Singapore. All the best!