Removing careless mistake during maths exam

By Lessons4All - January 17, 2021

Having the best Secondary math tuition, or any math tutor in Singapore does help in our children’s learning journey, however during practice tests or test exams our kids still make careless mistakes from time to time. Here are the following 5 options that are recommended to solve such issues.

Understanding what we don’t know and focus on that TOGETHER.

Repeat Practice

Own the best tuition centre in Singapore guiding our kids do provide us a certain level of assurance, however, we as parents/guardians must ensure our kids place the due diligence and effort in their practice so we could reduce the number of careless mistakes that happen. It is through practice we can learn and grow from our mistakes.

Get Up And Get Out


A good math tutor in Singapore would provide us ample practice papers and will be able to spot our mistakes and habit along our learning journey, they would too change their teaching methodology on that specific segment where the careless mistake is mostly made. Most Singapore math tuition often has various sets of paper to test the student's knowledge, also to ensure students understand and apply what they have learned through multiple practices to achieve 100% understanding and reduce the risk of careless mistakes during a test paper or exam.

Take the pressure off

Check Check Check

The point speaks for itself, always check, double-check, triple-check on all our test paper, having such good habit not only ensure we reduce our mistakes but also allow our kids to learn never to be complacent in anything or everything we do. Through practice, we gain confidence and with confidence, we must still practice continuously with due diligence in a consistent manner so that we could reduce careless mistakes during our exam.

Encourage Positivity

Making mistakes in test paper and exam it is common and understandable of the current pressure and stress on a time restriction, Careless mistake is bound to be made at some point. This is where taking tuition in Singapore be its secondary maths tuition in Singapore, English tuition in Singapore, science tuition, or even private maths tutor in Singapore. All educators and family members should provide and encourage positivity on mistakes, as mistakes are the best learning opportunity that everyone could ever ask for. Making mistakes in test papers or exams is fine as this is where we grow. Instead of pounding on why the mistake is made, we should screen through the test paper and exam paper together as educators educating the students or as a family helping our child on how we could prevent such mistake in the future.

Take the pressure off

Master and grasp the formula well with 100% understanding

Tuition centre in Singapore often guides their students under the Singapore teaching systems such as following the guideline of history and forecast the possible change in the potentials questions, this way the exam and test paper can evaluate the understanding of the student itself. Hence a good math tutor in Singapore or any tuition centre in Singapore should not only teach new aspects in education but also test the student's application of such knowledge by changing the question a few times to test the student's understanding and allow repeated practice to ensure consistency. This way mistakes are less likely to happen.


We understand that mistakes are bound to happen, but it is about the action that we are willing to take on after the mistakes are made, this way we then able to improve and reduce any careless mistakes that students might make in the future. Mistakes are the best way in learning, If you are checking out math tuition related blogs, do check out our link Here.

Lastly Finding the best tuition agency in Singapore is easy however, finding the best that works for you is hard. We recommend for you or your children in being cautious, patient, and yet vigilant in finding the best tuition centre in Singapore so that you could save money and time in the future. Check out To find the best maths tuition in Singapore. All the best!