The Difference Between Punishment and Discipline

By Lessons4All - June 27, 2021

Have we ever reached a point of misconception between punishment and discipline? From time to time, we have come to understand that some parents have relied heavily on punishment to instill discipline. We All understand punishment was brought up as a consequence so to ensure a well-behaved or certain level of discipline is being instilled.

Here are the few separations of what are the basic roots that cause indifference of punishment and discipline.

What is punishment?

What is punishment?

Punishment is commonly an act that makes the kids “pay” for his/her mistake that they made. Sometimes this was made out of frustration of running out of options to ensure the message of “what you are doing is wrong” across to the kids. From the kid’s perspective punishment are something that they are afraid of hence they will be listening or behave well as instructed by their parents. The punishment that came from parents is way different from the punishment that came from the schools, such as the best tuition centre Singapore, even the best English tuition in Singapore are giving out punishment to ensure smooth behavior in class.

Misconception with punishment

There is always a misconception about punishment, as punishment is not always bad, and likewise, punishment may not always be a to-go option, to begin with. Punishment has to be used appropriately with a clear message being brought across rather than just plain punishment. Harsh punishment can cause kids to develop underlying anger towards the person who inflicted pain rather than the actual reason why they got into trouble. The generation has changed, people have changed so does kids too. Hence our method should change too. The old days of spanking using a cane or ruler may not work as effectively as we last thought. Hence you could see the approach of how teachers in the best English tuition in Singapore are interacting with the students while maintaining control behavior in class so to ensure kids are focusing and learning in class.

What is discipline?

Discipline teaches kids the right skill in how to behave, problem-solving, attitude mentality. It could also help kids to learn from their mistakes and teaching them the right way to deal with their emotions especially when they are in anger or disappointment while they are in the public. Normally discipline is often paired with punishment where parents may take away certain privileges or some grounded alone time for the kids to think. Discipline is more often associated with authority. Hence schools have a different level of discipline and course of action depending on the severity of the cause. However, the right discipline is encouraged to be taught to ensure good social behavior and reaction towards their upbringing.

Benefit of discipline

Benefit of discipline

Discipline is proactive, rather than reactive. It deters much unwanted behavior and problem so to ensure kids understand and know what is right and wrong of what can or cannot do. Many times discipline not just accompanied with the journey of punishment must also praise or reward system that school of enrichment centre or parents could adopt. Some best English tuition in Singapore often adopts a different approach with kids and rather than providing a stern straight forward approach of “you need to get this done” they often went with a reward system or praise “You are doing so great with your previous test” or “Aim a better score than your previous paper you will be awarded present of ….” There are many approached to provide great discipline and one of the many benefits to such discipline instill is the kids can feel good about him/herself on the aspect that was done correctly or praise. Kids can feel confident in what was done right and will be able to replicate such behavior in the future during his/her upbringing


So which method is more effective? Punishment of straight-up discipline. There is always a mixture of both, however, the old way of spanking often causes more harm than good, as spanking kids doesn’t teach your kids how to behave it just provides what was done led to spanking, but it doesn’t cover how it should behave. Parents should teach with an adequate balance of punishment and discipline with spanking as last resort. Kids should be taught problem-solving skills, managing their emotions, and compromising. When parents teach these skills it can reduce unwanted behavior exponentially. Discipline is the aim to teach your kids to be better behaved and not just punishing.

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