Frequently Asked Question

Know more about Lessons4All

Lessons4All is an online price comparison site that allow our users to search, compare and book enrichment lessons at a competitive rate. On our platform, we aim to help users find classes that are at an ideal location and at the best value for dollar.

Users are able to choose their favorite classes and book directly through our website to enjoy discounts and at the same time accumulate points to gain more perks for the next booking!

  1. Search

    Lessons4All Partners offer services at fixed prices. You can search for what you need or you can browse through services and Partners until you find your perfect match! You can also check out our «Top Search Lessons» «Most Popular Lessons»page where you can find a list of our current most popular partners and services on Lessons4All.

  2. Book

    Once you choose a lesson, you can immediately select the date and time that’s most convenient for you. You can use your credit card or Paynow to make the payment and your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours.

  3. Do

    Once you finalize who to support your needs and when it will happen, the next thing is for you to enjoy your lessons experience. Just do it and have Fun!

Lessons4All welcomes partners from all walks of life, from a student looking for an additional income to experts in any chosen field. To protect our community, we use an extensive review process to ensure our Partners are real and able to provide quality education or learning experience for our users.

Most importantly, we believe customers’ feedback is the most important guarantee. Complaints and low ratings will be investigated and we may decide to close a partner account if it does not meet our strict quality requirements.

Yes, all reviews and ratings come from real customers. We encourage our customers to leave feedback and rating to help our community as we believe that it is the best guarantee of quality. We never edit feedback but we may decide to remove a comment if we find it’s content offensive or if it goes against our terms and conditions.

Yes! You can make a booking on behalf of a friend or family member!

Just remember to have the confirmation of booking handy on the day of the event to ensure a smooth registration for the classes you booked.

Sometimes, lesson providers don't always have the best prices. That's why you use a site like Lessons4All to use its search engine and compare the prices from multiple sites all in one place.

All bookings will be confirmed after each successful transaction, along with an email confirmation.

You can do so by making a Reschedule/cancellation through the website. The reschedule/cancellation page can be found here.

You can book your favourite lessons through our website on your computer, your portable devices like your tablet and even the internet browser on your handphone. As long as there is an internet connection, You will be able to browse through the available lessons and make a booking for your learning experience!

You can edit your personal information by editing your profile through our website. Make sure to keep your personal information updated so that we can contact the correct person if there is a need.

Lessons4All will have a dedicated team to assist you in using Our Platform. Business Partners will be able to contact the team at Lessons4All by dropping us an email at [email protected] or contact us at +65 9180 8360 & +65 8922 6520.

Students will be able to cancel the booking 24 hours before the activity date.

You May withdraw your funds/revenue anytime at your Merchant Dashboard. Lessons4All will process your withdrawal request and the funds/revenue will be transferred to your registered bank account within 5 working days.

Lessons4All Provides various marketing tool that allows our business partners to generate more brand awareness and conversion, Just to name one Method: You can boost your listing with purchasing a boosting coupon with no expiry date over your dashboard, which will allow you to be featured at the top in our search listing.

We Encourage Partners To get Their Customer To Register Over Our Platform Which We Would Than Reward our Partners With Free “Boosting Coupon” To Improve On Their Listing To Maintain At The Forefront.

By signing up with Lessons4All as a business partner, You will be able to promote your lessons and school through our platform. Through our website, you will get to enjoy the functions and marketing tools we have on our platform to create more brand awareness. Just to name one example: Partners may opt in a boosted coupon option and have their listing to be rank at the top of the search result which may bring a higher chance in conversion. Partners may also contact us at [email protected] for more information and Lessons4All will craft a suitable marketing tool to your needs.

You may answer customer emails, and queries over our web integration chat from customers and this may expedite the booking process. You may also engage with Lessons4All for a account manager to manage your account bookings and queries on your behalf while you focus on your business activity. You may email us at [email protected].

No software to install, no lengthy setup, you can get started with Lessons4All in less than 2 mins. You just need a computer or even a mobile phone. Sign up on www.Lessons4All as a Partner, create your profile, create the different service listings you offer and update your calendar schedule. you are ready to sell your services online!

No, there is no minimum amount of time that you will need to commit to Lessons4All. You can allocate the appropriate amount of time You and Your school can afford to cater to the students that booked through Lessons4All. To keep a good record of reviews, do keep to the scheduled classes that are booked through us and remember to check for any updates from us.

We would encourage business partners to continue using our platform. If you would still like to terminate your business partners’s account, you can drop us an email at [email protected].