Is it Critical in knowing your children's learning style?

By Lessons4All - March 21, 2021

Importance of Understanding Their Learning Style Early

Do you ever experience times where you learn faster and retain better while other times it just can't seem to go in your brain? I experienced it personally. Apart from other factors, such as environment, the critical factor would be learning style as everyone has different learning styles. It could just happen to align your learning style when you and I experienced that.

On top of that, in a competitive country like Singapore, some parents often jump into the academic rat race where kid's schedules are often packed with tuitions and enrichment, be it the best English Tuition Centre in Singapore or other subjects, without considering whether the Tuition Centre teaching methods suits your children's learning style.

Now imagine that you discover your learning style when you are young. What does that mean? It will mean that you will learn better, faster, and maximize your potential quicker. Although we can't do that for ourselves, we can do it for your children while they are young so that you can tap into their potential early so that they can have a brighter future. Also looking at the parent's perspective, to achieve the most cost-effective way is to understand your children's learning style and applying the best English Tuition Centre in Singapore or any other tuition centre in Singapore that caters especially to their learning style to maximize their ability.

VARK Model

The VARK model is the acronym of Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. Using these helps to identify how a person, your children, in this case, learns as suggested by Fleming and Mills (1992).

By understanding each style, you can cater better to their needs to help them achieve better results.

Visual Learners

Visual Learners

Visual learners learn better with the use of graphics such as charts, graphs, and diagrams. Like most top Mathematics Tuition Centre, often depend on diagrams and props to articulation the topics covered.

Ways to learn: Graphs, Illustrations, Pictures, Videos, PowerPoints, Articles.

Asking your children to draw pictures and diagrams on a piece of paper or whiteboard will help to recollect the information from their brains. Do give them time to process the knowledge.

Auditory Learners

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners learn better when they hear information presented to them vocally.

Ways to learn: one-on-one conversations, podcasts, group discussions, oral presentations, and videos.

Engaging in a conversation or discussion about a topic will help them to learn and expand their knowledge. Or you could ask them to listen to podcasts while on the way to school or walking on a treadmill.

Reading/ Writing Learners

Reading/ Writing Learners

Reading/writing learners learn best with written words. For example, most top best English Tuition Providers provide comprehensive writing that involves reading off multiple books to ensure proper grammar, vocabulary improvement, or sentence structure.

Ways to learn: Write and rewrite their words and notes.

Writing and rewriting their words and notes will help to create the connection between absorbing and recollecting knowledge in their mind. That's how they learn and retain information. Some best English Tuition centre in Singapore that provides thick books, for example, Shakespeare aims to improve their grammar and vocabulary.

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners learn better when lessons are interactive and engaging. This type of learner often has a difficult time succeeding in conventional classroom settings. Even the best English Tuition Centre in Singapore might not be able to provide the necessary learning.

Ways to learn: Hands-on Activity, Role-playing, and Note-taking.

Alternative Enrichment Centres are mostly suited for kinesthetic learners as enrichment activities skew towards hands-on learning.


In Summary, Understanding the different learning styles will help you and your children better by catering to their needs and learning style to enhance and improve their potential. Also do spend some time to find and understand your children's purpose, understand their strengths and weaknesses, set goals and incentives to keep them motivated, and lastly, provide help on their weak subjects so to ensure the right support is given be it academically or emotionally.

Having your kids be involved and scoring well in school is important and constantly looking for the best English tuition in Singapore or any tuition centre in Singapore is critical too so could ensure your child is set in his/her learning journey by the professionals. However as under such prestigious guidance they would be in a very competitive environment, hence do remember to introduce balance and constant support to our kids and striking a balance between learning and play to ensure a positive experience in their upbringing journey. Alternatively knowing all your options is also critical in helping your kid’s learning journey. At Lessons4All We must write a blog on learning options “Why Play is Important”. Do check them out Here. We hope this would help you to understand the key attributes that may potentially be impacting your learning journey.

Lastly Finding the best tuition centre in Singapore is easy however, finding the best that works for you is hard. We recommend for you or your children in being cautious, patient, and yet vigilant in finding the best tuition centre in Singapore so that you could save money and time in the future. Check out To find the best maths tuition in Singapore. All the best!